Ep 29: Take This Retirement Preparedness Quiz

Want to find out just how prepared you are for retirement? Here are five key questions that you need to be asking yourself. The answers will help determine just how ready you are to retire.
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The Game Plan

People ask us all the time how they can tell whether retirement is within their reach or if there’s more work to be done.

There’s no blanket answer that works for everyone but there are some questions you can ask yourself that will give you a pretty good idea. On this episode of the Retirement Playbook Podcast, Dale will take you through five key questions and explain what the answers will tell you about retirement

If you haven’t spent much time on planning, reach out to us and let’s start building your playbook.

The X’s & O’s

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics on the show.

[1:58] – Election still being counted

[2:59] – Do you know how much you have?

[5:30] – Do you know how much you spend?

[7:26] – Do you know how much risk you have in your portfolio?

[10:25] – Do you know what you’re paying in fees? 

[12:22] – Do you know what your retirement income streams are going to look like?


“What we try to accomplish is that all of your guaranteed sources of income are coming in that are going to cover all of your necessary expenses. That is going to be so critical.”

– Dale Tondryk

The Retirement Playbook Kit

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Show Host

Dale Tondryk - The Coach

Dale Tondryk is president at Tondryk Wealth Management, LLC. He has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance and annuity industry and holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Southwest Minnesota State University.

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