Ep 4: Do These Things Actually Happen to Clients?

The world of investing and retirement planning isn’t always what it appears to be. We’re taking a look at financial scenarios that have been common at some point and explaining whether our clients are dealing with the same thing.

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The Game Plan

Have you ever watched a television show or a movie and seen a financial scene that doesn’t reflect reality? It looks great on the screen but you know that your experience was nothing like that.

This episode of The Retirement Playbook will discuss that exact thing. Dale is presented with scenarios that have been common at some point in time. He’ll tell us whether or not this is a still a thing with his clients. A couple of these might be movie storylines but others are serious investing conversations.

Let’s try to set the record straight on this show and give you some real-life examples along the way.

The X’s & O’s

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics on the show.

[0:44] – What our main topic is about today.

[1:19] – Is this a thing: family members gathering in a room together for the reading of a will to find out who is getting what.

[1:59] – You see that a lot on TV but reality is different.

[2:25]– Is this a thing: someone discovers an old investment account they forgot they had.

[2:47] – Dale shares a real-world example of a client discovery.

[3:33] – Is this a thing: kids working their way through college.

[4:42] – Is this a thing: people successfully timing the market.

[5:39] – Is this a thing: people retiring but having to go back to work after running out of money.

“On our annual review, we’ll sit down and review all the beneficiary designations to make sure they have everything correct.”

– Dale Tondryk

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