Ep 47: What Retirement Are You Living For?

All that hard work you’re doing isn’t just to earn and save money. There are bigger reasons for retirement and we want to explore that on this episode. What are you living for? Let’s talk about the common motivations we find people have and discuss how we help them reach those goals.

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The Game Plan

So much of our time is spent working on accumulating and building wealth during our lives that we forget the reason for it all.

If you haven’t stopped and taken a step back to see the bigger picture, we want to encourage you do just that. What retirement are you living for? That’s the question to ask yourself. Once you determine that, it makes planning much clearer.

As advisors, our goal is to help you identify your ‘why’ and then build a plan to help you reach that. On this episode, we’re going to explore some of the common motivations people have for retirement and take you through the process that we use to help them reach those goals.

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics.


The X’s & O’s

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics on the show.

[1:59] – Spending more time with family

[5:42] – Buying stuff

[8:00] – Big travel plans

[10:21] – Helping grandkids with college

[12:13] – Funding a charity



“Ideally you’ve built up a Roth IRA that you can pull out tax free and never have to worry about it.”

– Dale Tondryk

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