Ep 54: 5 Signs of Financial Health

Are you financially healthy? On today’s episode, we will be discussing 5 signs of financial health.

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The Game Plan

So what are some good indications you are on the right track? Spending less than you make, understanding tax implications, and having a retirement plan are all good signs your plan is healthy and stable. If you are married, do you both know enough about the retirement plan? Do you worry about the financial future? Having a detailed income plan can save you a lot of time, money, and worry.

The X’s & O’s

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics on the show.

[2:45] – If you spend less than you make

[5:08] – Understanding your future taxes

[6:16] – Both spouses are familiar with the plan

[7:42] – You actually have a retirement income plan

[8:49] – You don’t worry about the financial future


The ones that are spending less than they are making before they retire, after they retire and are in their retirement zone, they are still spending less than they’re bringing in.  

– Dale Tondryk

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