Ep 69: Navigating Retirement and Divorce

We are going to discuss a tough topic today, divorce. Going through a divorce at any age is difficult but doing so close to or in retirement adds additional complications. There are a lot of little nuances that go along with splitting your assets and it can be an emotional investment as well.

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The Game Plan

If you’ve been married a long time and you’ve grown a family it can be easy to be emotionally attached to the house. But you want to consider other financial assets as well.

You also need to consider the tax-implications of dividing those retirement accounts. So, if you find yourself going through this tough situation what missteps do you need to avoid and what should you look out for?

The X’s & O’s

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics on the show.

[1:18]Do you often work with divorcees?

[1:52] Should you keep the house?

[4:52] – Ignoring tax-implications of accounts

[6:56] – Rules around divorce and your accounts

[8:11] –  Working with an advisor to help you through

[10:31] – Mailbag: Should I take money out of my retirement account?

You don’t want to make crazy fast decisions when that happens. That’s going to cause some problems. You have to work with a financial advisor to help you through… There are so many decisions to make when you’re going through a divorce.”


– Dale Tondryk

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