Ep 64: Counting Down the Days Until Retirement

Those days, months, and years leading up to retirement can start to fill with anxiety about what needs to get done. We’ve assembled a list of priorities to keep in mind as you count down the days to retirement.

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The Game Plan

Those days, months, and years leading up to retirement can start to fill with anxiety about what needs to get done. No one wants to make that transition without having their ducks in a row so today we’re going to tell you what you should be doing as you start approaching retirement.

If you’re able to create a checklist and start going through each of these things on your own and with your financial advisor, you’ll feel confident about retirement and that’s what we love to see.

The X’s & O’s

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics on the show.

[0:50]Waiting for the weather change

[2:17]Getting healthy

[4:25] – Plan for the free time

[6:39] – Start focusing on something in advance

[7:35]Post Retirement Career

[8:31] – Save more

[9:33] – Paying off debt

[10:30] – Reduce the risk

[12:27] – Final thoughts


“(Retirement) is a fun thing. It is kind of scary, but look at it in a positive sense and just know that you want to do a few things in retirement. Get a list of those and start doing them.

– Dale Tondryk

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